Latest Free Bets and No Deposit Offers 2019

We keep you abreast with the latest and best offers and news from our selected Uk Betting Sites. In addition to our bonus list. A promotion most often, concerns a special sport activity or event such as the Champions League, Wimbledon, Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup, UEFA EUROS.

You can find the most up-to-date news from the betting industry. Such as Free Bets or Sign Up Offers. Also Betting offers, or betting features, in our offers section. Also catch up on our regular posts about odds on upcoming matches and events. We compare and present odds from the Best Online Bookies, to assist you in getting an idea on the market.

UK Betting Sites Offers & Betting Bonuses

A large number of Uk betting sites have Bets Sign Up Offers and bonuses for new members to take advantage of. There are various types of Free Bets offers, which is why we’ve categorised all the betting bonuses on Bookies. Below is a list and brief description of all the various types of welcome bonuses.

Betway sign up offers and promotions

Betsafe sign up offers and promotions

Bwin sign up offers and promotions

888bet sign up offers and promotions

Comeon sign up offers and promotions

Free Bets

Free Bets are a very popular types of Betting Sites Signup offers for new customers. A free bet is a sum of money the Online Bookies gives you to bet with in their sportsbook. If you win, you get to keep the winnings but not the original or actual sum of the free bet. Winnings are returned without any requirements attached at time, but sometimes you have to stake your net winnings before you can cash them.

There are some other types of free bets. Such as risk free bets and no deposit free bets, you can read more about these on our subpage for free bets.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is an offer for players making a deposit to a sportsbook or casino. A deposit bonus is usually a percentage of your first deposit. This can range anywhere from 25% up to as much as 500%. A deposit that is matched with 100% is called matched bonus.

Matched Bonuses

A matched bonus is a form of deposit bonus that is the same as (100%) the amount of your deposit. The matched bonus is most usually applied to your first deposit but you may also get later deposits matched.

Terms and conditions are always applied to matched bonuses such as a turnover requirement and minimum odds. You can get more information about matched bonuses here.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is a bonus given to new members for registering a new account. Now this sounds pleasing, but all the no deposit bonuses out there have restrictions that you should be acquainted with. On our no deposit bonuses page you will find all our current no deposit bonuses. As well as other related and additional information.

Mobile Bonus

Mobile bonuses Mobile Bonus are bonuses are particularly intended for players that make their bets on Bookies via their smartphone.

How to Find the Best Betting Bonus?

As we’ve described in the section above, there are various types of welcome bonuses. Each of them of them come with its own set of terms and conditions. The terms and conditions differ greatly between betting bonuses, this is why it’s so important to always read the small print.

Extra attention should be given to a number of terms on the small print such as minimum odds and wager/turn over requirement. Highlighted below is a list of the things we think are most important when selecting a betting site offer.

The Type of Bonus and the Bonus Amount

One of the first things that a player must notice is what type of bonus is being offered and, certainly, how big it is. Majority of the players tend to search for the welcome bonuses with the largest bonus amount offered. But fail to keep in mind that some of these bonuses comes with unfavourable terms and conditions. If you pick a bonus with a large bonus amount, you must be ready to wager a big sum before the bonus is released for withdrawal.

Betting Requirement

A large number of deposit and matched bonuses comes with a betting condition otherwise known as turnover requirement. The turnover condition is the number of times you have to stake your bonus before you can withdraw it as cash.

Some Online Bookies print the wagering requirement for both your deposit and bonus amount together. This will be a lesser number than when the wagering requirement is presented for only the bonus amount. To make it as easy as possible for you to compare our Bookie Sign Up Offers, we always present the betting requirement for the bonus amount.

Minimum Odds

Another essential factor to be conversant with when scanning through the small print is the minimum odds. This is the lowest accepted odds you can bet on for your bet to count towards the turnover requirement. The minimum odds tend to be somewhere within the range of  2/5 (1.40) and 1/1 (2.00).

Betting Bonus Validity Period

Betting bonuses usually have a period of validity. This is the period in which the wagering requirements must be met. A failure to meet the wagering requirements within the stipulated period of time. Often results in the loss and forfeiture of all bonus funds and any associated.

Bonus Code

Several welcome offers require you  to enter a bonus or promo code. The bonus code is usually entered in line with your deposit or after it. Many Online Bookies still make use of bonus codes for their betting offers but new and modern Online bookies tend do not make use of them.

How to Find the Best Betting Sites?

There is a tough competition between the best Online Bookies, a thing, that benefits the customers. This sturdy competition leads to better odds and prices as well as better sportsbook bonuses and welcome offers for new customers.

When finding the best online betting sites, there are lots of factors that should be taken into consideration. These are the factors we think are the most important ones:

  1. License – Ensure the Online Bookie is licensed to operate in your country. Customers from Great Britain are only allowed to play on bookies licensed by The Gambling Commission.
  2. Odds and payout percentage – To get the most out of your betting make sure you choose a bookie with competitive odds. The higher the payout percentage the higher the odds.
  3. Variety of betting markets and sports – On the biggest events, all Online Bookies offer odds. Although the selection of odds can differ between online bookies in the lower leagues and on the more uncommon sports. Be sure to choose an online bookie with a good selection of odds and markets for the sports and leagues you are mainly punting on.
  4. Functions such as live betting, live streaming and cash out

Betting sites have been undergoing enormous developments over the past decade. Live betting is one of those features which have developed quickly to meet growing demand of customers. Certain betting sites now offer well developed live betting and live streaming features. The cash-out function, where a bettor can close a bet before the end of the match. In order to secure a win or cut their losses, is also a feature that has grown in popularity and is now offered by a number of betting sites.

  1. Welcome offer and promotions – Choosing an Online Bookie with an attractive welcome bonus or promotion can provide a significant boost to punters betting bankrolls, especially when it comes to recreational bettors.
  2. Payment methods and transactions fees – All main European Online bookies offer e-wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers payments via debit/credit cards, and sometimes even cheques. But you should make sure they have your preferred payment option before you sign up. The Fees for transaction to and from your account is also another factor to take into cognizance.

Best Online Betting Sites for Football

A large number of betting sites offer their customers a huge selection of betting on football for both matches as well as markets and features. To find the best betting site for football it is important to see what is important for just you and your betting. But, in general, there are several basic principles you should look for.

  • Betting selection
  • Odds
  • Live betting
  • Cash-out function
  • Live streaming

Normally, it’s the big betting sites that offer the best variety of features. For example, Betfair and Bet365 both offer a great selection and excellent features like live betting or the Exchange.

When it comes to odds on the other hand, the sites can differ a bit more, with some sites putting their focus on competitive odds – not only when it comes to football but also specific leagues or events. An example of betting sites with a good payout for football is Pinnacle and Bethard.

Best Online Betting Sites for Live Betting

Live betting with betting sites Over the past few years, live betting sites have become quite very popular. In order to stay competitive, betting sites really have to offer live betting feature and it will be difficult to find a betting site on the web that doesn’t offer this feature. Notwithstanding, certain sites are more excellent in live betting feature than others.

What often differentiates them is the selection of matches available for betting, how good the odds are and how well the features work on your mobile. You will generally find that the larger betting sites like Bet365 and Unibet offer the best built-in features. However, other betting sites have also invested a lot in live betting.

Best Online Betting Sites for Cash-Out

In the same category as live betting you will also find the cash out function, which lets punters close the bet before the end of the match and thus secure a win or cut their losses. Most betting sites offer this feature in some form or another, but it can vary in quality depending on how well constructed their cash out function is.

Among other things, some betting sites offer only cash out bets before the match, while others offer it during live games. In addition, there are betting sites where the punter can close a portion of the bet, in order to secure his/her investment, but leave the remaining part active.

It is essential just as for bookmaker offers to look for a few key factors when selecting and determining the value of a casino bonus. The following are the main questions or things must be put into consideration and taken note of when choosing a casino offer:

  • What is the amount of Bonus?
  • What are the conditions for the betting?
  • What is the minimum deposit required
  • Are there any free spins offered?
  • What is the validity period of the bonus
  • What games contribute towards the betting requirement?


How do I start with Online Betting?

The first thing to do is to check the reviews of our customers and compare with the Then, create an account and click on sign-up bonus menu. In order to get full guarantee in getting bonuses, make sure to sign-up by clicking on the betting websites UK homepage via Bookies Bonuses. Subsequently, you will get an account and in due course a bonus code.

Which Online Betting site has the best odds?

Odds vary from one betting site to another; it’s actually dependent on the game or the marketplace. Certain Online Bookies emphasize on good chances for football, while others emphasize on Ice hockey or some other game. UK Betting operated Pinnacle constantly propose great odds, but so do the biggest Online Bookies, such as, Bet365 and 888sport

How do I make a payment?

Some of the betting sites offer easy, smooth and debauched payments. The following are common different payments:

  • Bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Credit card
  • Direct deposit

Put into consideration that some of the Online Betting charge certain fee before you can withdraw from your account. Ensure you always read the terms and conditions concerning withdrawals and deposits.

How long can your withdrawal take place?

In some online bookmakers, a withdrawal can take a small amount of minutes, while some can take up to 24 hours or few days. However, withdrawal time depends on the payment option you choose. Bear in mind, that a withdrawal can also attract a certain fee or charge; it all depends on the rules, terms and conditions, and also the location of the online bookies.

 Is there a tax-free region?

In Online Bookmakers that have an EU/EES license and operating approval, the winnings are tax-free within the EU. There are a variety of reasons why Malta is a popular place for best online bookies. Even though they have generous bookmaking guidelines they are still part of the EU. However, for cash earned on online bookmakers outside of the EU/EES, you will be taxed.

Which online betting sites should I avoid?

To begin with, you should be aware that not all online bookmakers are authentic and profitable. Therefore, we advise and recommend you to avoid online bookmakers that don’t give the impression of been authentic. Such bookmaking sites are not listed in our site. Consequently, if you guise at our site, you will find genuine, authentic and dependable sites with good bonuses that will serve you for unlimited time. Normally, in order to avoid issues of taxes, there is need for you to avoid bookmaking sites outside of the EU/EES.


Immediately as you create a new account, there is tendency to make use of the benefits of a bookie sign up bonuses that online bookmakers offer. Bookies sign up offers can be premeditated in several ways, and we have details some of the deposit bonuses you can make use in this write-up.

The following lists are the greatest mutual type of sports book bonuses one can take advantage of, and it means that the bookie matches your first deposit with a certain percentage up to a certain amount. Commonly, you start to  play with the bonus anytime even at the moment of sign-up, nevertheless you are mandatory to bet the bonus sum a convinced number of times in order to release bonus. This is generally known as turnover- or betting requirement. Additional mutual condition is that you lay your wagers at a lowest odd for them to count towards the turnover condition.

The difference between an Online betting sign up offer and an existing customer deposit bonus

Since you’re a new customer, don’t be surprise that you will be treated with a free sports bet with no deposit, while the current customers do not go empty.

Countless Online bookies offer restock bonuses for their current customers making additional payment. The bonuses we list here are online bookmaker sign up offers and welcome bargains for customers that make their initial deposit. Nevertheless, several of the online bookies we mention here also offer no deposit free bet for either second, third or fourth bonuses.


Highlighted below are the list of the most essential factors that should be taken into consideration and utilized when choosing an no deposit free bet. Don’t forget that, there are numerous factors you can determine for the value of a deposit bonus, but these, listed below should be your priority.

The Bonus Amount

Generally speaking, people have a habit of searching for no deposit free bets, with a large value. Although, it is necessary and good to choose a free bet that can profits you, but as the saying says, “all that glitters is not gold”. You should understand that, there is not actually such a thing as free sports bet with no deposit. Don’t forget that, uncertainty, you pick a free bet with a large sum of value, you must be fully prepared and ready to wager a big sum before you can withdraw your bonus funds- that is the bitter truth!

Wagering Requirement

Generally, the free sports bet no deposit come with a betting terms and conditions which commonly known as turnover or income condition. The betting condition is the number of times you must pale your bonus before you can cash it.

Bookies can design the wagering condition in two different ways. Either a joint wagering condition for both your deposit and bonus amount or only for your bonus amount.

When designed for both your deposit and bonus it will be a lesser number than if they presented the wagering requirement for only the bonus amount. To make it as easy as possible for you to compare our deposit bonuses, we always present the staking requirement for the bonus amount.

Minimum Odds

The next feature to be considered is the lowest odds at which you can stake your bonus. It may not be necessary as others requirements, however, there is need for you to know and have a handle on it. The lowest odds for a deposit bonus is generally between the range of 2/5 (1.40) and 1/1 (2.00).

Validity Period

Is there any validity period? Yes of course! The deposit bonuses are only valid and effective for a certain period; it may be days or week. No matter the validity period given, the most important thing is for you to finish the staking condition associated with your bonus before it expires. There is no doubt that, if you fail to meet the term and conditions within the legitimate period you are in jeopardy of losing your bonus capitals and any earnings made from them, and it may not be reversed.

Bonus Code

With some bookie sign up offers, you must enter a bonus code. The bonus code frequently entered when you sign up or when you make your initial deposit. Many bookies still use bonus or promo codes for their welcome credit bonuses; nevertheless it’s getting more and more infrequent.

Sample of a deposit bonus

The best sample of deposit bonus is the one that an online bookmaker offers. Online bookmaker offers a no deposit free bet of hundred percent (100%) up to one hundred pounds (£100), which means you if you make a deposit of £100 you will get £100 as bonus, and a maximum bonus of £200 if you deposit £200. However, there is need for you to stake the bonus for several times before you can make cash the bonus funds to your personal account.

For the clarification, for instance, the wagering requirement is 7x the bonus amount and you made an initial deposit of £50, then you would need to stake £3500. The income condition differs a lot between the new offers and bookies, the lower it is, the more useful and beneficial the bonus is for the performer. One more condition, is that you must be mindful of is the lowest odds at which you have to stake your bonus.



First and foremost, we are dealing with the online bookmakers that offer good bookmaking deals or at least, that are reliable, and durable. Not only that, we also hand-picked online bookmakers that have a strong and solid brand, that are widely known for offering a decent excellent packages and services. You will find in our list the strongest and toughest players on the European marketplace in odds and bookmaking. To have strong players we are not saying anything than the players that have a wide variety of odds, a well-functioning software, a strong and dependable brand and a reachable client service at all times.

Some of the best well-known bookmakers that you will find in our sites are: Betway, 888sport, Betfair, Coral, Betfred, Bet365, Unibet, Ladbrokes, BetVictor, 10Bet, Betsafe and many more.

Another great news is that, most of these betting companies do not only offer sports bookmaking, but also casino, poker, bingo and other games.



Depending on one’s preferences, what constitutes a good betting signup offer may differ from customer to customer. Fundamentally, the bookies sign up offer can either be free bets or a matched bonus. The terms and conditions listed above, such as bonus sum, wagering condition and minimum odds are more associated to a matched bonus than free wagers. Although, in some cases, the same code can be applied to free bet earnings. However, for customers from UK and Ireland, the free wagers are more common and practices than matched bonuses. For more information, and to compare, visit our page for best free wagers.


Now, what kind of betting signup offers is best for you?

Generally speaking, the free stake is a little more suitable for a player who doesn’t want to engage in using his/her time to turning a bonus into cash. Nevertheless, the truth is that, persistence is a virtue, and if you go for a matched bonus, you are more likely to end up with much more cash in your hands when the matched bonus has been turned over.

For other information about what bookmaking signup offers that might be the best for you and the reasons why, kindly visit bookmaking deals.


There is no doubt that, the initial offer is the best bookmaking offer you will get from a bookmaker.  Although, there are numerous constantly new online bookmaking offers and promotions that is available for you once you are a consistent customer. Bookmaking sites offer overabundance of selections between free wager promotions, boosted odds, wager bonuses and many others. Furthermore, there are frequently loyalty-programmes with abundant and valuable benefits. For more details about the current bookmaking promotions for existing customers, visit bookmaking promotions.



Can I receive a deposit bonus even though I already have an account with the bookmaker in question?

Once you previously have an account with the betting company, there is tendency for you to receive the deposit bonus if you haven’t made a deposit earlier. Nevertheless, if your account has been existing for long period of time, it might be too late to get the betting signup offers as a new customer. Kindly, check this with the customer service for clarification.

Remember that each customer is only entitled and permitted to have only one bookmaking account. Multiple accounts are prohibited. In addition, if you want to receive a deposit bonus, we advise you to create an account with a bookmaker that you have not previously signed up with.

I have not received my sign-up offer even though I have made a deposit. What should I do?

In a situation like this, it is best to contact the bookmaker for details. And if you encounter hitches or difficulties with your account or deposit, please return directly to the bookmaker in question, they should be available to assist you and find you a lasting solution. The contact details of each company are on our website.

I want a sign-up offer with a bet that is not in your list. Can you help me?

Definitely we are ready to help you! If you want to create an account with a bet that is not included in our list, please contact us. We will then assist you and create an account with the bookmaker and confidently fix a pleasant deposit bonus for you.

Can I combine a deposit bonus with other promotions at the bets?

The answer is a neither yes nor no. Whether or not you can combine the sign-up bonus with other bookmaking deals depends on the bookies’ terms and conditions. That’s why it is very crucial that you carefully read the terms and conditions that are connected with the sign-up bonus and the terms and conditions that apply to the promotion that you wish to apply for.

Is the sign-up offer & deposit bonus for sports betting only, or for casino, poker and games as well?

Please bear in mind that, the bonuses we list here are only for sports betting. Hence, any wagering on casino, poker and games do not tally towards the turnover condition.

I already have a betting account with one company. Should I have more than one account?

This is subject to your discretion. Having more than one bookmaking accounts will assist you to discover the best odds, meanwhile diverse bookmaking sites offer diverse odds at different times for different purpose.

What is a No deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a bonus tendered out, without you having to deposit any money. This kind of bonus is more available within the online casino-business. Moreover, these kinds of offers go along with large staking requirements. For additional information, check the No deposit bonus menu.



On online bookmakers, there are numerous types of betting offers, but a free bet sign-up offer is the most mutual one, and you can often get free bets for signing up with betting online. However, the word ‘free bets’ can have many contexts of usage. For instance, some use the term ‘free bets’ for all bookies sign up offers offered at a bookie. While the reverse is the case to some, we don’t call all sign up bonuses free wagers. We make contrast between different bookmaking deals, that is, bonuses that match your deposit and (free) wagers that are handed out to you by the bookmaker.

Free bet offers are frequently given as betting signup offers to the new players nevertheless can also be credited to current customers during unusual promotions.

A free wager is a stake the bookmaker gives to you on their cost. Free wager offers are usually given as bookmaking signup offers to new players but can also be credited to existing customers during unusual promotions.

If you should triumph with your free BOOKIES, you need to keep the earnings to the extent they exceed your stake. Most free bet offers won’t let you keep the value of the free bet, although there are some exceptions. The best free bet offers let you keep your earnings without any conditions involved, but some comes with a wagering condition.



Another mutual kind of free wagers online is a risk-free stake. With this type of free bookies, you must first place a wager with your own money. If you win, you get to keep all of the earnings, as you generally would. If you lose, on the other hand, the amount of the risk-free bookies will be credited to your account. In consequence, you are betting risk free.

Moreover, you must put in your mind that, your compensated stake is usually subject to a wagering condition. You need to meet this wagering condition preceding any withdrawals you are targeting.





There are limited diverse features to be considered if you want to find the best free bet offers. These features are vital to all bookie sign up offers and sports bookmaking offers, and not only for bookies with free bet offers.


Free Bet Amount

Obviously, you need as many free bet amounts as possible. Nevertheless, this has remained the most essential factor when choosing a free bet offer, but all that glitters is not gold. Some of the larger free bets come with fewer favorable terms, such as a higher minimum odds condition or a betting condition.

Betting Condition

It is clearly noted that, in some free bets, your returned stake is credited as bonus money that needs to be rolled-over for definite number of times before withdrawal. The betting requirement for free bets tends to be rather low compared to matched deposit bonuses.

Minimum Odds

Minimum odds for a free bets can refer to a number of different things. It can be the lowest odds at which you are allowed to place a bet to qualify for the free bet offer.

It can also refer to the minimum odds at which you can use your already credited free bet.

It may also refer to the minimum odds at which you have to complete your betting requirement for your bonus refund. Always be thorough when looking up the terms and conditions of your free bet bonus.

Validity Period

After your account has been credited with a free wager, you need to make use of it within a certain number of days, generally in between 7 to 30 days. If you don’t use your free bet within this period it will be forfeited.

The validity period can also refer to the period in which you have to meet the betting conditions. If you fail to meet the staking condition within this period the bonus and/or attractive sums may be lost.




New Free Bet offers

At Bet bonuses, we always try to keep our lists of bookmaking free bets modernized. Similarly, we constantly attempt to find exceptional free bets online, to offer our guests.


At this juncture, there is need for more clarification in order to have more understanding on this free betting offer. For instance, let us use: “Bet £10 get £20 free bet new customer offer”.

Before we proceed, please, don’t forget that for some new clients, free bet offers are not accessible to players that are using Neteller or Skrill or Moneybookers to deposit into their account.

Now let proceed with the sample:

  1. Firstly, you have to sign up at the bookies website.
  2. Secondly, make a deposit.
  3. Thirdly, place an eligible, qualifying and suitable bet of £10 or more, normally at odds of 4/5 (1.80) on any market.
  4. Once your eligible bet has been placed, your £20 free wager will be credited to your account within stipulated period of 24 hours. However, the free wager will be available and obtainable for use in 7 days.
  5. Lastly, the moment your free bet has been credited to your account you are 100 percent permitted to use it on any market. Let’s say you place your £20 free bet at odds of 3/2 (2.50): if your choice wins, you get £30 (stake of £20 x odds of 3/2 (2.50) = £50, minus £20 = £30).



Though unusual, some online bookmakers offer betting offers in the form of free wagers without any condition of first deposit, when this happens, the free bet usually comes with pretty substantial betting requirements if you triumph with your free bet. The earnings do frequently come with a turnover condition of at least 6 times at odds around 1/1 (2.00).





Now that you have been awarded the free bet, what is the best and easiest way to turn the free wager into money? Or what should you do with the free wager once it has been granted to you? Our free bet instructions are to be reasonable about your free wager, and not to be expecting too much.

Meanwhile, it is a free wager, and the stake frequently is £10, you will not become a millionaire. But it is possible to change the free bet to a reasonable starting finance. It depends on the kind of free bet bonus; the greatest significant thing is to make your mind up on how much cash you want to end up with.

Some of the bookies retain the stake when you place a free bet, which means you only keep the earnings. If you place a £10 free wager at 1/2 (1.50) and win you are only left with £5 as cash. Although, that might be sufficient for some, but then as it is a free wager, most attempt to get more out of it. This is where the risk/reward-discussion starts.

Let’s assume that you want to make back £50 from your free bet, for a good and decent starting bankroll. In that case you have to bid a bet at 5/1 (6.00) and succeed. This is of course a possible bet, via a treble on three most wanted, for example. Nevertheless, it is still quite hard.

If you are much desirous of receiving rewards out of your free bet offers , and aspire for a starting bankroll of £300, you would have to bid a winning wager at 30/1 (31.00). This is occasional, but not intolerable. One distress and a few favorite wins can effortlessly build up to 30/1. But with the possible return, the jeopardy of not winning is growing.

The only advice or recommendation we have for you is to either go with the second or third substitute, depending on your intention. Since it is a free bet, you don’t risk or lose anything and you have earned a £5 seems like a lot of work for nothing.


Free UK Betting– The Best Free UK Betting Sites for UK Customers

This page is focused on listing bookies with free bets for players that live in the UK. Any bookies that are in this page are hundred percent licensed and authorized by the law and extremely controlled by the British Gambling Commission (BGC).

On other sections of our website you may find bookies without a UK license. Though, any bookies without a UK license are undoubtedly and openly noted as such.

The good news for the UK Customers is that, there is overabundance of countless free bets available for them to claim. Highlighted are some of the best free bets with the most esteemed and cherish bookies. For more details, check out our page about Free Bets UK.




It is no news that we are in a modern world where technology is evolving continuously. With respect to this, online bookies are now currently striving towards making smart phones the number one device, where players can place their bets conveniently. In order to achieve this aim and vision, numerous modern bookmakers offer more free wagers and other promotional opportunities for mobile customers only. Swedish Leo Vegas is a leading bookie that is in the frontline of offering free bets to their customers who place bets via their mobile devices.



I have not received my free bet. What’s wrong?

It is possible that you might end up in a situation where you expect to receive a free bet, only to find out it wouldn’t be given. Don’t panic, you can quickly get answers on what might have gone wrong:

  • Are you eligible for the offer?
  • Do you need to manually claim the free bet offer?
  • Did you enter the (accurate) bonus code?
  • Is the free bet credited immediately?
  • Have you made the correct qualifying bet?
  • Did you use an approved payment process for the offer?
  • Has your free bet validity period already expired?

What is the difference between a stake returned free bet and a stake not returned free bet?

Without doubt, you might have heard these terms and wondered what they really meant. There is nothing hidden in the terms, it’s really very simple; a stake returned free wager will have the worth of the free wager token included in your earnings. If the stake is not returned, you will only receive the net earnings of your wager from the bookmaking site.


For more understanding, let’s make a sample in a simple way:

Stake Returned Free Bet or Bet:

You place a £10 wager at evens through a stake returned free bet. If you triumph you’ll collect £20 back – the £10 earnings plus the value of the free bet token.

Stake Not Returned Free Bet:

You place a £10 wager at evens through a stake not returned free bet. If you triumph you’ll collect £10 back – you will only collect the £10 earnings, not the value of the free wager token.

Can you withdraw a free bet?

No. But you can usually cash the free bet earnings. In some cases, however, the earnings come with a betting condition.



Online bookmakers offer not only deposit bonuses, but also promotions for diverse competitions.

Promotions are something most bookmakers offer and they are frequently associated with a specific game or event.

For competitions, online bookies regularly have a fee structure where you can win the whole thing from trips to cash prizes. The best promotions are offered during major sporting events such as the World Cup, the summer and winter Olympics, championship finals and Majors in golf, to name a few.



There are several categories of betting promotions available to players ranging from boosted odds, acca insurance, accumulator bonus, money back, free wager promotions, best odds guaranteed, reload bonus, competition and current customer bonus

Boosted odds promotion

Boosted or enhance odds promotion occurs during certain marquee events. That’s, bookies sites will give out enhanced odds to wager on events. Occasionally, these are wagers on the underdog that will pay out more if they should win; every so often they are stakes on the favorite to make betting on them a bit more attractive and pleasing.

Several times, bookies also present accumulators with some enhanced odds for two, three or more competitions on one slip. More information is available on our page concerning boosted odds.

Acca insurance promotion

Acca insurance is a kind of betting promotion for a bet where you have five or more choices on the highlighted sports and markets, and if only one of your choices loses, they will recompense your stake as a free wager. However, the sites might be more than five or less, there is need to check each site to find out the details and more instructions. This is a real benefit in a lot of cases, how many times haven’t you missed an acca on just one game or more?

Accumulator bonus promotion

An accumulator bonus is another wager that increases your winning potential, whereas also increasing the danger, as you have to win on two or more separate wagers placed in combination with one another. If not, nothing will be won. Generally, an acca bonus will get higher in relation to the sum of matches on the wager slip. If you like to play huge accas, you might find the betting sites that offer an accumulator bonus a bit more alluring than others.

Money back promotion

Numerous betting sites are offer money back promotions on your initial bet if you don’t win; generally, you will see this for horse competition. Thereafter this first wager, all others will be settled under usual terms. On many occasion, the money is paid back as free bets or bonus money. Click to get more information of Money Back-promotions.


Free bet promotion

Betting Sites will offer you free bet promotions where if you bet a known or stated sum, then you will be given a free wager after the end of your bet. In some cases, the free wager is only given if the wager is lost. However, it is given irrespective of what happens either the bet wins or loses. Free wagers can also be offered to players personally through phone call, via email, text messages, as a prize to reliable clients.

Best odds guaranteed promotion

In many sporting events or for bets that are made early, numerous sites will offer you the finest and top odds that available; it doesn’t matter when you place them. Notwithstanding, it is a very welcome and appreciating form of promotion. As an alternative to exploring all over the internet for the best odds, you can just sign up with the bookie that offer best odds guaranteed promotions on the event you desire to bet on.

Reload Bonus promotion

A reload bonus is the category of betting promotions that are offered to players that have been previously made a deposit on a site, in the past. Most of these betting sites invite their current and new customers for the purpose of offering them a reload bonus. It is a success for every person, as the bookie gets to keep you as a client and you as a client work towards enhancing your account.

Competition promotion

Bookmakers frequently propose unusual prospects in the outline of competitions during big events like FIFA World Cup, the Olympics, Wimbledon, and others catchy competitions. The offers can consist of everything from prize draws to competitions among all players where you can win a prize if you wager a particular sum and end up in first to third place. The set-up of competitions varies, but generally it involves betting over a period of time, with a winner emerging in the end.

Existing customer bonus promotion

There are certain betting sites will offer bonus choices for players that have been frequently playing with them for a lengthened period of time. These bonuses could contain increasing your wager, free wager options, etc. The current client bonus is very mutual with betting companies. Possibly not in the shape of matched bonuses, but more appropriately in the form of free bets or risk-free stakes.



The most world’s popular sport called, football is majorly encircled with many promotions. All kinds of promotions that we have discussed or mentioned are related on football betting. It is observed that, when bookies give their customers enhanced odds; nine out of ten are for betting on football games.

Generally, all gambling sites offer promotions on football, but then, the quantity of them varies. The greatest and biggest bookies for football offers are Bet365, Betfair, Betway or Ladbrokes, while Pinnacle and 10Bet are the ones with a clear football positioning.

Some of the typical kinds of Betting offers for football include

  • Enhanced odds
  • Acca bonus
  • Acca insurance
  • 0-0 insurance
  • 90+ insurance
  • Odds competitions



Is my country eligible for the promotion?

The most important thing you must do is to check if your country is eligible to participate or not in the betting promotion before you make any attempt of playing or wagering. Some of betting promotions are designed for specific nations (given their local nature), example is the Australian Football matches.

What are the terms and conditions for the promotion?

The terms and conditions on promotions vary, and there is need to take note of these terms and condition critically beforehand. Some of the general things to check and take note of are:

  • Wager requirements
  • Validity period
  • Sports or events that are covered

For what sports is the promotion valid?

However, it is also vital to consider which sports promotions will be valid for. Numerous promotions will be legal when you wager on a specific sport or sporting event, e.g. Wimbledon, World Cup, etc., and there is need to bet on the same sport to take the benefit of the promotion.

Can the promotion be combined with other products such as casino and poker?

Another important fact, worthy of being taken into consideration is, checking the promotions on a site to see if they are legal and valid for combination with casino and poker choices.

Can I take advantage of both bookie sign up offers and a betting promotion?

Several times, you will be able to merge a bookie sign up offers with another betting promotion, though you should always be sure to check first before you take any steps.

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